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The Apology — Plato

The Socratic method is named after Socrates the ancient philosopher. Socrates used questions to provoke thoughts from the ancient people of Athens. Thus, The Socratic method is where you learn through asking questions. Socrates tried to help others by teaching them to think for themselves. He would ask thought-provoking questions such as, what does it … Continue reading The Apology — Plato

Plutarch’s Lives — Lycurgus and Solon

Quotes and Epiphanies 1  “The very songs which he composed were exhortations to obedience and concord, and the very measure and cadence of the verse, conveying impressions of order and tranquillity, had so great an influence on the minds of the listeners, that they were insensibly softened and civilized, insomuch that they renounced their private … Continue reading Plutarch’s Lives — Lycurgus and Solon

The Odyssey — Homer

In Homer’s The Odyssey, once he escaped the sea nymph Calypso, Odysseus wrecked his raft on the shores of Phaeacia.  After meeting the princess Nausicaa, Odysseus went to beg the king for help.  When Odysseus was pleading for kindness and safe passage home, I noticed that he was using very long and descriptive speech.  Such speech, did Odysseus have, that … Continue reading The Odyssey — Homer