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Welcome to Ataraxia Acquired.  This is a site to record, store, and share all of my personal and academic achievements.  My blog holds my trips, adventures, projects, and coursework that I’ve finished.  My book list holds a record of most of the the books Iv’e read through the years.



Papersword is a site designed to teach people origami, the art of paper folding, through step by step instructions.
Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology

A collections of all of the greek myths and stories as well as their separate versions.
Kingdom Animalia

Kingdom Animalia

A detailed website on the classification of animals.
Back to Earth

Back to Earth

A Project to bring to life the basic techniques used by our ancestors.
Merlin's Manchet

Merlin's Manchet

a bread baking adventure...
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Alternative Energy

Many people know that fossil fuels are scarce and need to be conserved, but while there are plenty of alternative energy sources, no one is using them.  The reason everyone loves fossil fuels is because of their high-energy density. Biological materials that come from the Carboniferous period were exposed to heat pressure for millions of … Continue reading Alternative Energy


Today we live in a world where profanity and strong emotion fills our mouths.  Everyone can hear these words, most people use them, and it is almost a natural part of society.  But it all comes down to a single question: Is cursing good or bad? And is it that simple?  I hope to explore … Continue reading Profanity

Queen Dido

Dido was a princess in the city of Tyre, off the coast of modern day Lebanon.  Dido had a brother whose name was Pygmalion.  She was married to Sychaeus, who was a nobleman of Tyre.  When her father King Belus died, he decided to split the kingdom evenly between Dido and Pygmalion.  When Pygmalion heard … Continue reading Queen Dido

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